New and Used car rates
Effective 7/1/2017, the loan special on new and used cars will be over. New interest rates are listed under the rates tab.
We are changing from quarterly statements to semi-annual.
The credit union will now be sending out member statements on a semi-annual basis instead of quarterly. The exceptions will be members who have checking accounts, debit cards and those with direct deposits from a source outside Excela payroll. The next statement will be sent in June 2014.

All members have access to view their account online with our Home Banking feature. Registration is required. Please call us for the security code that is needed to enter the site. We also provide e-statements to all members. All we need is your email address. Give us a call if you are interested in Home Banking or e-statements.

CUNA Mutual Life Savings and Loan Protection
In a few weeks we will be mailing a letter that contains information concerning your account regarding CUNA's life savings and loan protection insurance. CUNA Mutual will no longer carry these products.

The Credit Union has contracted with another insurance company to offer these policies to any member who wants purchase them. Please contact the Credit Union office if you have any questions.
Verified by Visa for Debit Cardholders
We are encouraging our members that have a debit card with us to set up a Verified By Visa (VBV) password to protect your card from fraud.

Click on Verified By Visa under Links and follow the instructions to create a password. While our members are protected under our Zero Liability Program by verifying your card with Visa you will prevent any fraud attempts from happening. When you are purchasing online with a merchant that uses Verified By Visa you will be prompted to enter your password before the sale can proceed.

Clever fraudsters have been taking stolen card numbers and registering them as their own and creating a password so they can use the card online. They can easily drain your account before you even know whats happening.
Lost or Stolen Check Card
Our ATM/Check Card holders can report a lost or stolen card by calling the Credit Union office at 724-527-9160.After office hours, please call 1-800-264-5578. Your account will be immediately closed and a new card will be issued. The phone number to activate your ATM/Check Card is 1-800-448-8268. You can now change your PIN number when you activate your card.