Verified by Visa for Debit Cardholders

We are encouraging our members that have a debit card with us to set up a Verified By Visa (VBV) password to protect your card from fraud.

Click on Verified By Visa under Links and follow the instructions to create a password. While our members are protected under our Zero Liability Program by verifying your card with Visa you will prevent any fraud attempts from happening. When you are purchasing online with a merchant that uses Verified By Visa you will be prompted to enter your password before the sale can proceed.

Clever fraudsters have been taking stolen card numbers and registering them as their own and creating a password so they can use the card online. They can easily drain your account before you even know whats happening.

$200.00 cash limit per day – contact credit union to increase amount.
Card is limited to 10 uses per 24 hr period.